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The Ictineo is Southampton's remake of a classic and near impossible to find bass preamp and tone shaping tool.  Working equally well on guitar, bass, keys, and anything else you can plug in, the Ictineo (Ik-tin-ee-oh) gives you the ultimate control over your instrument's tone.  The Ictineo truly is a set-it-and-forget-it always-on tool which should be in every player's arsenal. 

The Ictineo includes:

  • Body and tone controls for fine-tuning your sound
  • Plenty of volume, plus a LOUD 'boost' switch
  • An 'ultrabass' switch to crank the low end
  • 600 Hz boost, 1 kHz boot, and 250 Hz dip, all switch selectable for carving out your frequency range.

Southampton is proud to donate $10 from the sale of every Ictineo to PCDH19 Alliance which supports researching a cure for PCDH19 Epilepsy.  Check them out here.

All Southampton pedals are handmade in Guelph, Ontario, and come with a lifetime warranty. Pedals ship Friday of each week.  Current draw is ~5 mA.

*All Ictineo sales include a $10 donation to the PCDH19 Alliance supporting Epilepsy research*

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