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The re-imagined Fifth Gear takes everything you know and love about the original and adds a master volume and a second gain control for enhanced versatility. From barely-there overdrive to a distortion that toes the line of fuzz, the Fifth Gear is potentially the only drive pedal you need. The Fifth Gear also excels when pushing other pedals, or your amp, that extra bit further.

The GAIN knob and HEAT knob are extremely interactive. Use the HEAT knob to change the character of your drive sound, or to push the overdrive into a huge wall of distortion. With the GAIN control below noon, the HEAT knob changes the flavor of the sound. With higher GAIN, the HEAT knob adds saturation and sustain. The VOL knob is a passive volume filter, useful to tame the pedal when both GAIN and HEAT are turned up.

For those looking for the sounds of the original Fifth Gear, turn HEAT off, max VOL, and use the GAIN knob to control your sound.  The GAIN and HEAT knobs interact with the powered transistor.  This will generate static crackling if the knobs are turned which is perfectly OK - this is not damaging the pedal or any of your equipment.

The Fifth Gear is in a 1590BS enclosure, 1/2" taller than previous versions with the same footprint.

All Southampton pedals are handmade in Guelph, Ontario, and come with a lifetime warranty. Pedals ship Friday of each week.  Current draw is ~5 mA.

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