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The Boosted Fuzz is Southampton Pedals' take on one of the classic pedal combinations.  Featuring a Rangemaster-style circuit as the front end of a Fuzz Face, this pedal provides a versatile fuzz that can go from velcro-ey to saturated and everywhere in between.

By using low-gain silicone transistors, the Boosted Fuzz retains a lot of the sonic characteristics of germanium fuzzes (excellent volume roll off, smooth clipping, etc) with the stability and cost of a silicone pedal.  With the Boost knob on full, the Boosted Fuzz is a full spectrum fuzz that saturates easily.  Rolling off the Boost removes bass and mellows out the fuzz.  The Bias knob will starve the circuit fully off, creating a velcro fuzz, and will over-saturate the pedal fully on. The three controls are incredibly interactive and can shape the fuzz in countless ways.   As with many versatile fuzzes, oscillation will occur in some settings; the Bias knob can be used to 'silence' the pedal.

All Southampton pedals are handmade in Guelph, Ontario, and come with a lifetime warranty. Pedals ship Friday of each week.   Current draw is ~ 20mA.

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