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Next in line in our Series of Sneaks is the pulsing and undulating Lunar Phaser. This incredibly warm and creamy effect has three gorgeous styles of stereo phase: VIBE (a nice three dimensional thumper based on the classic Uni-Vibe), CLASSIC (a rich but sweetly resonant 4-stage phaser), and MULTI (a highly animated 8-stage phaser that oozes with swirling majesty).

The Lunar's four-knob control panel includes DEPTH, SPEED, RESONANCE, and SHAPE. The SHAPE control gradually morphs from a nice, smooth sine wave LFO to a super choppy square wave LFO. The simple control panel will give you all the classic phaser sounds need, but like all the One Series pedals; the Lunar comes with the free Neuro Effects Editor software. Hook the pedal into your Mac or Windows PC and dive into an intense level of tweakability with additional adjustable parameters like MIX, embeddable TREMOLO, additional LFO wave shapes as well as a forward and reverse envelope follower.

Check out our quick Sneak Peek demo of the Lunar Phaser. Make sure you pay attention when we pull out our iPhone and start tweaking hidden parameters with the Neuro App for iOS or Android.

The Lunar Phaser offers three styles of swirling stereo phase modulation. Choose from Vibe - a thumping Uni-Vibe effect, Classic - a resonant and creamy 4-stage phaser, and Multi - a highly animated, yet smooth and satisfying 8-stage phaser. Explore the sonic landscape even further by sweeping the Shape knob to gradually morph the LFO wave shape from a smooth, undulating sine wave to an aggressive and choppy square wave.

Out of the box, the Lunar Phaser provides tremendous tonal range, but under the hood this pedal is a powerhouse of control and flexibility. Every stompbox in the One Series line is compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (a free download for iOS and (coming soon) Android). The App offers an extensive list of additional phaser, flanger, and chorus algorithms - each can be downloaded directly to your Lunar Phaser. The Neuro App also features an extended set of adjustable parameters including the Frequency (the center point of the modulation), Output Level, embeddable Tremolo, Low Retain, a Parametric EQ, Advanced Signal Routing and more. Plus, every One Series pedal is fully MIDI compatible when coupled with the Neuro Hub (formerly Soundblox Hub), giving you the power to save up to 128 presets.


  • 3 Flavors of Phase Modulation
  • Stereo Input and Output Jacks &mdashdash; Create deep and wide stereo modulation or engage one of the Lunar’s many Signal Routing options (see Neuro App Features for details).
  • Universal Bypass — Select either analog buffered or relay based true bypass.
  • Expression Control — Compatible with Source Audio expression pedals and the Hot Hand 3 Universal Wireless Effects Controller.
  • Tap Tempo — Sync your phase modulation rate to the rest of the band with Source Audio’s External Tap Tempo switch. Set beat divisions (quarter, eighth, triplet, and 16th) with the Speed knob.

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