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Trust me, this thing is ferocious. The Kingmaker Fuzz is a seriously nasty installment to our amazing One Series family of pedals. Out of the box this pedal has three styles of Fuzz: a hyper saturated, hyper fuzzed, violin like tone reminiscent of the Big Muff, an extremely input sensitive fuzz in the tradition of the Fuzz Face that cleans up nicely with a low input signal but explodes with a twist of your guitar volume, and an other worldly Octave Fuzz in the style of an Octavia.

Like all the One Series pedals, The Kingmaker has a simple control panel with Drive, Level, Bass and Treble knobs. Use it as is, or hook it in to your Mac or Windows PC with the built in USB or connect to any iOS or Android mobile device and enter a tweaker’s paradise. The Kingmaker’s free Neuro Effects Editor Software lets you dive in to an additional 8 flavors of overdrive, fuzz and distortion with massive equalization control. Connect the Kingmaker to the Source Audio Hub and save a whopping 128 presets, recallable via MIDI program change messages.


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