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OK, we realize this little fella is not as sexy as our new Source Audio One Series pedals, but the Neuro Loop Switcher is a very useful tool. Essentially it, very inexpensively, adds loop switching functionality to your Source Audio Hub and Neuro Effects System. Loop switching gives you the ability to incorporate any analog or digital pedal from any pedal maker into your MIDI controlled Neuro pedal scenes. It’s easy, just connect the your Loop Switcher (or multiple switchers) to the Hub, then run your signal chain into the Switcher, out to your 3rd party pedals, then back out of the Loop Switcher. Warning, the Loop Switcher does not give you the ability to program particular settings on your analog pedals as you can do with the Source Audio One Series or Soundblox 2 pedals, it simply allows you to route your signal through or bypass them by simply sending a MIDI program change message with your MIDI foot controller.

So are you starting to see how the whole Neuro Effects System is coming together? We really believe that our approach will put a lot of power in the hands of musicians of all sorts. It’s a very easy way for players who haven’t ventured into the world of MIDI to take the plunge and it’s a way for experienced users to enjoy all the advantages of MIDI without losing the feel of your beloved effects pedalboard.

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