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FilterFreak is the first in a series of totally cool new plug-ins to come out of the SoundToys plug-in development lab. A ridiculous amount of programming time, head scratching, listening and tweaking has gone into the development and design of FilterFreak in order to provide you with a wealth of incredibly realistic, powerful and truly "analog sounding" filters. FilterFreak is designed to take filter related sound mangling to a whole new level.

FilterFreak offers unprecedented plug-in filtering power and comes with not only one, but TWO plug-ins, each with a host of easily accessible and highly tweakable parameters that can be used to create some totally awesome filtering combinations. Special attention has been given to recreating a filter that both sounds and responds like a real analog filter. When you overload the input to FilterFreak it won't "freak out" but instead will saturate the way a normal filter would in the analog world.


  • Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass, and Notch Filter Mode
  • Adjustable slope filters (up to 48 db per octave)
  • Analog style saturation for added warmth or serious distortion
  • LFO, ADSR, Random, and Envelope modulation
  • Over 200 professionally designed presets
  • Synchronize to MIDI beat clock or tap tempo
  • Drum machine style rhythmic modulation
  • Fully customizable LFO shapes

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