Sound (by Malagoli)


    Sound was the brand name used for effects pedals by Malagoli. The company changed its name to Malagoli Captadores and is run by Érico Malagoli, son of Carlos Malagoli who founded the company with his brothers. The company is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    Timeline (by Érico Malagoli)

    • February 1965 - First guitar and pickups
    • August 1965 - Company founded
    • July 1968 - Started pedals production
    • December 1989 - Ended pedals production
    • September 2002 - Released new pedals and started production
    • December 2004 - Released new guitar pickups line
    • December 2006 - Released new bass pickups line
    • December 2007 - Released custom shop pickups

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