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The classic germanium Rangemaster is one of the most copied of the classic circuits. Perhaps, this is because it’s one of the most simple. But, I look at this simplicity as an opportunity to push a design to its limit and experiment with components that would otherwise be inappropriate in a stompbox.

And why keep the same generic circuit? The Rangemaster sounds great, but there’s always room for improvement, so I went with the improved biasing circuit I first developed for the latest version of my Shizzle fuzz… much better – lower noise and more stable. Of course it is also 100% compatible with standard 9v stompbox supplies and daisy chains without any trouble.

And why just have the standard single sound, when you can add a switch to select between a couple different ones? Of course! So, you can select between Treble, Mid, and Full boost modes. And I’ve included a High/Low Gain switch. High Gain mode is the standard Rangemaster amount of gain, and Low Gain mode gives you some really cool lower-gain options for when you just want a fairly clean change in tone without the intense boosting.

MojoMaster GutsI select components for each MojoMaster individually. I try to find the best-sounding, most interesting, and highest-quality parts I can get my hands on. Because of this, no two MojoMasters are exactly the same, but I always keep the overall quality and tone consistent. Rare paper-in-oil caps, vintage germanium transistor, top-quality control by PEC, mil-spec resistors, Elna Cerafine filter cap, and 99.9999% pure solid silver wire puts the MojoMaster in a class by itself, untouched by the other Rangemaster clones out there.

I paint these with a funky translucent paint with a pattern brushed in the extruded aluminum enclosure.

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