SoulSonicFX Modulux - Ring Modulator



This is one of my most ambitious designs to date. It is a ring modulator with every conceivable option I could fit into it. The whole sound of a ring mod is dependent on the tonality of the carrier signal, so I’ve included several ways to affect the carrier.

You can choose to use either the internal sine wave carrier oscillator, or you can inject an external signal to act as the carrier. The pitch of the internal oscillator can be modulated either by an external sequencer, or by an on-board envelope follower. The follower allows for some funky pitch-shift effects that move with playing dynamics.

There are controls for manually setting the frequency of the internal oscillator, a control for the straight/modulated mix, and sensitivity of the envelope follower. A switch allows for two different filter settings to give further variation in tone.

This beast is a power hog, so a 16vAC wall wart is included to give it the juice it needs.

The finish is baked enamel with a tough gloss overcoat. The standard color is Safety Green.

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