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Echo Sol is a hybrid Analog/Digital delay that was the result of a successful experiment wedding the two circuit styles together. The idea is that the bulk of the sound is done by the analog section and the digital delay can be added in to extend the delay time while keeping the basic tone of the analog delay intact.

There are separate controls for Delay Time for the analog and digital sections, which allow you to dial in the ratio of each and give fine tweaking to the tonality of the delayed signal. The other two controls are the usual Feedback and Mix controls as found on the classic analog delays. The Long/Short switch engages the digital section when set to “Long” mode; otherwise, it is a 100% analog delay.

For the most authentic vintage sounds, it has the same compandor/filter circuits as used in the classic Boss DM-2 (and copied in the much-loved Way Huge Aqua Puss). It is built using top quality mil-spec resistors and audiophile signal capacitors to bring it up to a level of quality well beyond the vintage originals.

The finish is hand-painted translucent metallic enamel over a brushed pattern with a tough gloss overcoat. Each brushed pattern is unique.

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