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The MultiRange boost was designed per a customer’s request for a booster he could leave on all the time and not have to worry about the excessive noise he was getting with his popular Rangemaster clone. After trying a few different ideas, I settled upon a circuit based around a quality low-noise audio opamp.

The controls are simple – like any good boost – and give all that is needed to dial in all the classic treble booster tones as well as some big, fat, full-range ones.

The peak switch lets you select the cutoff frequency of the high-pass filter, to give two different ranges to work with in tandem with the Low Cut control. One position gives the signature vowel mid-peak of the Rangemaster, and the other is at a slightly higher frequency, which can be useful if you need something to cut through the mix in a live situation.

The MultiRange Boost can run from 9v to 18v DC. Powering at 18v can give more headroom for a cleaner boost.

The finish is hand-painted acrylic with a tough gloss overcoat. The standard color is light purple.

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