Sonus FX Octavium NKT 271 - Germanium Octave Fuzz


Sonus FX

Old fashioned positive ground germanium with NOS electronics soldered on a Sonus made PCB.

Based on Roger Mayer's '66 Purple Haze octavia and the '68 Axis fuzz. This pedal not only features the Octavia effect but also the Axis Fuzz as it was used on the legendary album: "Axis: Bold As Love".

This is not your average run of the mill octavia but rather an early germanium variant with smooth sounding NKT271 transistors.
The tone control will let you smooth harshness out or get it to scream crispy and dirty. Some octavia pedals also feature the fuzz, albeit as a side-note, harsh sounding and hard to put to use. The Octavium however could have been easily been presented as a genuine Axis Fuzz with an added octavia feature.

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