Sonicware Celdrive



Can't find your ideal drive-sound?

For those most enthusiastic guitarists...

CELDRIVE provides you a suitable environment for sound producing.Experience the sound that perfectly matches your guitar and amplifier.

CELDRIVE is the one and only compact stomp box that can create your ideal sound and stage performance.


  • One and only stomp-box just for you
    All you need to do is to connect CELDIVE to your computer, and you're ready to modify CELDRIVE into your own custom-made stomp box.

  • Easy operation & expert quality results
    CELDRIVE offers you a graphical view of your sound which enables effective & instinctive sound-control. You can even adjust parameters that only professional engineers could control previously. You can't believe how easy it is to create your ideal drive-sound with CELDRIVE.

  • Powerful contents
    One click, and CELDRIVE can immediately be used as many standard legendary stomp boxes, or even modeling amplifiers.

  • High quality and emotional sound
    Once you have detached CELDRIVE from your computer, just one LEVEL control is for the knobs. There, a well shapened circuit design brings you high quality and emotional sound with less deterioration.

  • Customizable noise reduction, noise gate, and octaver
    When not playing, the customizable noise reduction/noise gate stops the disturbing noise.
    Also, the sound octave beneath can be mixed with one step operation.

  • Perfect size to carry along
    CELDRIVE is small enough to slip into a pocket of your guitar case.
    Power can be supplied through DC9V adapter.Also, it can stand 20 hours continuously with alkaline batteries.

CELDRIVE is a completely innovative stomp-box. Now, it's time for you to create your own drive-sound!

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