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Sonic Tone Effects

Reproduction of the Faithful British made Tone Bender MK1.5.

The originals were built in the 60's during there transition between the MKI and MKII so there was only a very few of them ever made.

The MK1.5 is considered one of the best by many fuzz users. With its sonic capabilities, huge amounts of wooly fuzz, more mid range tons of sustain and it's ability to clean up with the guitars volume.

This reproduction has the exact same component values as the original MK1.5 of the 60's that can cost around $1000.00 or more for an original if you can even find one.

The pedal is equipped with 2 MULLARD/PHILIPS Germanium Transistors OC75 in Q1 and a high gain OC76 in Q2.

Each transistor is carefully tested for the correct gain and the least amount of leakage to create the exact tone character and breakup of the original units.

Mullard/Phillips Caps along with BC Electrolytics and Carbon Composition Resistors are used to create the true sounds of the original MK1.5.

The enclosure is a diecast aluminum enclosure that has been Powder Coated with a tough Silver Hammerite finish then silk-screened.


  • 1/4 output on the left
  • 1/4 input on the right
  • Left knob is the level
  • Right knob is the Attack
  • Transistor Bias pot on inside
  • 2PDT foot switch for true bypass
  • Measures 4.75"H x 2.56"W x 1.56"D

The only mod I did is add a bias trim pot to the inside of the pedal to adjust the level of voltage going to the transistor as you know Germanium's are temperature sensitive. This also allows for more control in shaping the sonic fuzz tones dramatically.

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