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The Destroyer Model C Overdrive/Distortion Combo pedal combines the Model A Overdrive and Model B Distortion pedals into one pedal. Like all Destroyer pedals, the Model C Overdrive is an all-analog design, incorporating modern electronic components and design techniques to produce classic distortion with extremely low noise characteristics.

The Model C has separate Overdrive/Distortion level knobs as well as individual Level knobs, allowing the player the flexibility of creating a separate rhythm/lead channel. The Overdrive and Distortion channels are switched with the Clipping footswitch. A Yellow LED (Overdrive) and Red LED (Distortion) indicates which channel is active.

The unique 3-Stage tone filter is identical to the Model A and Model B filter with the addition of a Frequency and Depth knob. The Frequency knob controls the filter center frequency, allowing for filter centering from bass to treble frequencies. The Depth knob controls the intensity of the filter. This all adds up to an infinite number of tone creations, limited only by the player's creativity!

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