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Sonic Nuance Electronics (press release May 1, 2016)

Sonic Nuance Announces Launch of the MDI - mutable, ground liftable direct box with 48V LED indicators

1 May 2016

Fremont, CA - Sonic Nuance is pleased to introduce the MDI (short for "Mutable DI") - a mutable direct box with a 48V, phantom-powered LED indicators. 

According to designer and owner Ted Burmas: "For the longest time I wanted to have a DI box that gave me the ability to mute the signal going to the mixing console.  This is useful for changing instruments mid set, unplugging an active instrument to save its battery power or to prevent feedback from sympathetic vibrations of an acoustic instrument's top.  The soundman has a lot of things on his mind and it is often difficult to request a channel to be muted.  Muting is useful for changing instruments and unplugging instruments to save battery power.  As a performer I like to keep my hands free so making the mute foot controllable was important.  Also, having indicator LED's showing mute status powered from P48V was very helpful.  This became the first product, the MDI ("mutable DI")."

The MDI provides the ability to passively mute the XLR and 1/4" output via a heavy duty latching foot switch.

Again from Ted Burmas: "I worked out the issues with powering LED indicator lights via 48V phantom while still able to mute the channel without huge pops in the signal chain."

Ted Burmas continues: "Being at a portable church doing multiple set ups and tear downs per week, it became abundantly clear that this product had to be durable as well as simple to use.  Being a stickler for sound quality and hating ground loops, the product had to sound as good as my favorite DI boxes and be ground liftable.  What followed was years of beta testing (by myself, other musicians and soundmen), tweaking and settling in on the final design of the MDI."

MDI Main Features:

  • Passive Jensen transformer based direct box with mute functionality

  • Wide Frequency Response: -0.25dB at 20Hz to 0.1dB at 20kHz

  • Be able to change the battery in your instrument while your channel is active using the mute

  • XLR and 1/4 inch outputs are muted when the latching foot switch is engaged

  • Direct box and mute function operates with or without phantom power

  • Operational LED indicators are powered by phantom power

  • Hand assembled, designed and made in the USA with the highest quality components and construction techniques

MSRP $230, available directly from for an introductory price of $200.

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