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Sonic Fusion Pedals

3 up to 35 DB of clean boost, punish your tube amp if you will. It will drive your tube amps power section to overdrive with ease. Use it to boost other pedals. Use it for a solo boost before or after your gain pedal. So many uses, everybody should have at least one on their pedalboard at all times.


  • Clean, uncolored, pure boost
  • Potential of up to 35db in boost
  • Vishay Orange drop tone caps
  • Super low noise metal film resistors
  • Dual clad fabricated PCB
  • Power indicator LED
  • True bypass with an extra ground plane over the switch to eliminate any chance of clicks or pops
  • Connectors: Input, Output, DC adapter
  • Power Supply: 9V battery operation or negative center 9 volt DC power adapter
  • Unfinished enclosure with laminated faceplate, built road tough, no worries about paint chips.

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