SonicBox Tremolo


Sonic Box

This is an Excellent sounding tremolo pedal in studio-quality.

Unlike many other devices it used a very natural sounding "Vactec photocell" like the old Fender amplifiers. The result is a fantastic tremolo effect of the cool old vintage amps of the 60s - very warm and emotional with a lot of perseverance.

A togle switch allows you to jump from a lovely smooth tremolo "Soft" over to a hard square chop "Hard". So many different and interesting tremolo variants can be achieved.

One of the finest tremolo stompbox in existence without the annoying ticking sound that plagues most other tremolo pedals!

Only selected components of highest quality were used, e.g., foil capacitors, Ultra-quiet 1% metal-film resistors, Alpha pots & Neutrik jacks, hammond enclosure, etc.


  • Controls: "Depth", "Speed", "Spasing", "Volume"
  • LED indicates always the speed.
  • Up to +15 dB of boost
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • Marbleized bzw. Airbrushed box !!
  • Weight: ca. 300g
  • Dimension : 112 mm x 58 mm x 33 mm

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