Sonicake Vexpress - Volume / Expression Combo Pedal



  • Made of hard plastic lightweight casing but very robust and well made. 
  • 2 functions in 1 pedal- passive volume and expression pedal
  • Works without battery or pedal power supply, extensive range with guitar, bass, and other musical instruments
  • Automatically detects and catches output source (EXP/Vol.) objective
  • Flexible to responses various parameters with precision


  • *Lightweight casing *2 in 1 functionality (Volume/Expression)
  • *Automatically detects output source (EXP/ Vol function)
  • *Works without battery or power adapter
  • *Works with guitar, bass, and a wide range of other musical instruments
  • *Smooth taper responds to various parameters with precision


  • Dimensions: 148.5mm (D) x 65.5mm (W) x 61mm (H) 
  • Weight: 250g
  • Value of Potentiometer VOL Mode: 100K      
  • EXP Mode: 10K
  • Input 1/4'' mono audio jack to connect instrument, Output 1/4'' stereo audio jack for signal out

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