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Songbird FX

The ‘Bluebird Drive Silicon’ is a simple but effective overdrive that keeps the original timbre of the guitar and takes it one step further – no tone knob needed. Highest build quality and an innovative charging circuit make the ‘Bluebird Drive Silicon’ the perfect choice for professional and semi-professional musicians as well as demanding hobby guitarists.

Rechargeable Via Micro-USB

The Bluebird Drive is the world’s first analog guitar pedal, that is rechargeable via Micro-USB. Just plug it into your Smartphone wall charger or your computer and in less than 2 hours it will be fully charged. The battery lasts more than 100 hours of playing time.
The charging circuit is designed to prolong the battery lifetime and ensure safe operation. It includes temperature monitoring, undervoltage and shortcircuit protection and CC-, CV- and Trickle-mode charging.

Silicon Clipping Diodes

Legendary 1N4148 clipping diodes enable the ‘Bluebird Drive Silicon’ to deliver a great range of sounds, going from clean boost to singing leads.

True Bypass, True On/Off

The ‘Bluebird Drive Silicon’ comes with true bypass and true on/off wiring to make sure your tone is not affected and your battery is not drained when the pedal is turned off.

Made In Austria

Developed and assembled in Austria.

Scope Of Supply

1x Bluebird Drive Silicon, 1x Micro-USB charging cable, 1x instruction manual, 1x Songbird FX sticker


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