SolidGoldFX Surf Rider Deluxe


The Surf Rider Deluxe is the culmination of our effort to produce a highly flexible yet natural sounding spring reverb platform. With a unique wide raging feature set, the Surf Rider Deluxe gives players ultimate control over their ideal incarnation of springtastic goodness. Equipped with Resonance, Depth, Level, Tone control, Reverb Boost, and Expression pedal input, the Surf Rider Deluxe can take you from classic spaghetti western twang to an all out moody modern wash. In addition to its stunningly versatile sonic palette, the Surf Rider is also a true looker. With its translucent ocean blue powder coat finish, striking silk-screen graphic, and classy aged white dials it most certainly looks as good as it sounds. If reverb is your thing the Surf Rider Deluxe is sure to please.

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