SolidGoldFX Surf Rider



The Surf Rider is an amazingly authentic spring reverb simulation pedal. From mild ambiance settings to heavy surf and watery reverberation, the Surf Rider does not disappoint. Contrary to other pedals of this nature that are currently available, the Surf Rider is no one knob wonder. The array of controls are designed to simulate the range and versatility of a vintage stand-alone reverb unit. The Surf Rider's reverb tone can be adjusted for output level using the Level control as well as gain or intensity using the Depth control. The Tone control allows for the warm darker tone of small early tube amps or bright, splashy reverb tones of 60's surf classics. Finally the Resonance control is a unique feature allowing you to fine tune the length of the reverb signal. Depending on this control's setting, the Surf Rider can simulate the sounds of a long, medium and short spring reverb pan.


  • Authentic spring reverb simulation in a compact package.
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Resonance control to fine tune reverb decay
  • Depth, Tone and Level controls

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