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The Solid Gold FX Super Surf is a custom shop version of the Surf Rider built exclusively for ProGuitarShop.  This latest creation from Solid Gold FX unleashes another side of the Surf Rider unlocking even more potential and variety from this already fantastic circuit.  Awash with authentic spring reverb tone, the Solid Gold FX Super Surf can produce anything from mild ambience to heavy surf to watery reverb.  The Tone control allows for fine-tuning the reverb sound from bright and surfy to dark and watery.  The Resonance knob controls the decay of the signal from long and cavernous to an almost slap-back effect.

What’s New?

The Super Surf sports a couple of new features over the original Surf Rider:

  • Hi/Lo Footswitch - The Hi/Lo switch is for setting two output presets. Hi mode is the standard Surf Rider setting with full output. The Lo setting reduces the reverb output. Both modes work off the single Level control and an internal trimpot allows the user to set the amount of cut in Lo mode.

  • Expression Pedal Input - This allows for on the fly adjustment of the reverb intensity. The expression pedal works in conjunction with the Depth control; setting the Depth at max will allow the full sweep to be available on the pedal or the Depth can be used to limit the maximum setting.

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