SolidGoldFX SuperDuperDrive



  • Boost
  • Drive
  • Pres.
  • Level
  • Boost (footswitch)
  • Bypass (footswitch)


Solid Gold FX

The Ultimate! The SuperDuperDrive is a combination of a SuperDrive and a custom tuned Nitro boost in one easy to use, compact pedal. Versatility and tonal textures are endless as the SuperDrive and Nitro sections interact with each other. From clean boost to heavy crunch; soft clipping to high gain mayhem...just turn the knobs and stomp away! This pedal is addictive!

Use the Drive Channel for your rhythm tone then kick in the Boost for a soaring lead tone, or use both at once for beautifully layered distortion and OD tones. As a bonus, the boost and drive sections of the pedal are wired independently and can be used individually.


  • Independent Distortion and Boost channels
  • Mild break-up to soaring lead tones
  • Highly respnsive and dynamic distortion with excellent clarity and defintion
  • Texture the two sections for endless tonal possibilities!
  • Two true-bypass footswitches (Bypass & Boost)

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