SolidGoldFX Beta DLX - Deluxe Bass Overdrive



The Beta Deluxe is a full-featured version of our classic Beta Bass overdrive complete with a comprehensive array of control options as well as a directionally selectable independent JFET boost. In addition to the primary Volume, Tone and Gain controls the Beta Deluxe also offers selectable clipping, body and mid switches, to fine tune bass and mid-range frequencies, and an internal Trimpot to adjust the overall gain of the drive channel. The independent JFET boost section of the Beta Deluxe can be used on its own, or configured to run before or after the drive channel, changing the nature of its function from level boost to gain boost. The Boost section also has its own dedicated 3-position tone switch, allowing for a finer degree of control over the bass frequencies of the boost channel.


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