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Solid Gold FX

The SuperDrive draws its roots from the ever popular and superb sounding overdrive and distortion tones of the mid to late 70's. It was designed with clarity and versatility in mind, while pumping out loads of crunchy, amp sizzling distortion. Our goal was to design a pedal that would push it to the limit and lift that wonderful distortion tone to new levels! We believe the result is nothing short of perfection.

As a direct result of its extensively tuned, multiple gain stages, the pedal features a wide gain range going from a gritty clean boost to a thick, saturated, heavenly distortion. The Presence control allows you to dial in just the right amount of high end. The tone is full bodied yet crisp and clear, highly responsive to player dynamics and cleans very well up as you reduce your guitar's volume. If more distortion is required, simply put one of our fine boosters before the SuperDrive and dial in as much layered, creamy saturation you desire!

Looking for more kick? Check out the SuperDuperDrive!


  • Mild breakup to all out drive!
  • Highly respnsive and dynamic distortion with excellent clarity and defintion
  • Volume, Drive and Presence controls

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