SolidGoldFX Stutter-lite MkII



The redesigned Stutter-lite MKII recreates the soft flutter and bubbling pulse of vintage bias modulated, tube amp style tremolo. The new MKII version features a Mode switch that expands the tonal palette of the original Stutter-lite allowing users to choose between a smoother vintage setting or a more modern, harder chop. Built around an all-analog, discrete transistor based circuit and JFET audio path, the Stutter-lite offers a rich and complex sweep that ranges from subtle and subdued to up front and assertive. A simple streamlined control set complete with a pulsing LED makes the Stutter-lite a breeze to dial in, with ample range to cover a multitude of applications. If simple, lush, set it and forget trem is your thing, the Stutter-lite is sure to please.


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