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Solid Gold FX

The Rock Machine oozes attitude! This nasty little dirt box will give you all the bark and bite you need! At the core of this vintage styled tone machine is a NOS Military Spec CV7003 germanium transistor. Each one is individually tested for leakage and gain; only the absolute best will become Rock Machines. The result is an incredibly responsive and simple pedal delivering classic rock and blues tones that will blow your mind! No gain control was required as the pedal goes completely clean as you roll off your guitar's volume knob. The tone switch delivers 2 distinctly different settings. The first is dubbed Rock, offering lots of bite and a sweet midrange snap while the Blues mode offers a rich, smoky thick tone. Once you plug it in, there's no turning back!!!

* Note: This pedal requires a positive ground power supply *


  • Military spec germanium transistor
  • Highly responsive to player dynamics
  • 2 way Tone switch - Rock & Blues modes
  • Clean to crunch, just turn up your volume knob!

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