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The Nitro Boost is a transparent, super low noise clean boost, boasting loads of output on tap and a very cool 2-way mode switch selecting Clean and Dirty modes. In Clean mode, the pedal adds a sweet, lively character and sparkle to your tone, while remaining extremely responsive. Set to Dirty, the Nitro produces a mild, natural sounding grind/overdrive tone. The pedal becomes highly responsive to player dynamics, volume level, pick attack, and pickup output. It is great for getting an EL84 like grind out of larger tube amps or getting a lot more saturation out of effects and tube amps without deafening volume levels. Also great for tonal architects who love to layer different pedals to build their tone!

Versatility is always a must; leave the pedal on at the front of your chain to add some extra charm to your tone, crank it in front of a tube amp for some of the sweetest distortion tones, slap it in front of a drive pedal for more juice or place it at the end of your chain for an awesome solo boost! Nitro does not disappoint!


  • 2 Modes - Clean & Dirty
  • Ultra Low Noise Jfet Design
  • Adds a lively and sweet characteristic to your tone without color.
  • Volume control can boost or cut output level - lots of output!

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