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The High Octane's main focus is clarity, response and versatility. The goal for this pedal was to produce a rich, complex, low to mid gain overdrive in a simple package with lots of output. The tone is smooth and full bodied yet crisp and clear, highly responsive to player dynamics, pick attack and guitar output; as such, it cleans very well up as you reduce your guitar's volume. The EQ is perfectly balanced eliminating the need for a tone control and allowing your guitars tone and character to shine through.

The High Octane's gain ranges from a natural clean boost to a gritty low to medium gain OD. We have also included a 2-way Mode switch as a standard feature for 2009 providing Blues and Bite modes. The Bite mode is the standard High Octane setting proving crisp, uncompressed breakup and high output. The Blues mode engages the germanium circuitry providing extra compression, added saturation and a warmer, more rounded overdrive tone. If more distortion is required, simply put one of our fine boosters before the High Octane and dial in as much layered, creamy saturation you desire!

The Holy Grail of Overdrives!


  • Very responsive and dynamic.
  • Transparent, well balanced tone response and natural breakup
  • Low noise operation.
  • Super simple to dial in.
  • Clean Boost to mid gain overdrive tones
  • Tons of output on tap!

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