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The Formula 76 is a modern recreation of the classic mid 70s Japanese octave up fuzz pedals such as the Standard Fuzz & Super Fuzz pedals.

We have gone the extra mile to address all of the original designs shortcomings. We have added an LED indicator for the foot switchable tone settings, a compression knob dial in just the right about of chaos and disaster, a tone knob to easily control the top end and harshness, and an extra output gain stage to increase the amount of volume at your disposal. We have also built in standard SolidGoldFX features such as true bypass switching with a clear, high brightness LED indicator and a filtered and protected 2.1mm DC input jack.

The Formula 76 is by no means a polite or refined pedal; its a nasty, over-the-top fuzz, loaded with overtones and octave up notes. It also benefits from the convenience of a foot operated tone switch selecting either mid scooped, bottom heavy tone or a mid boosted, slightly higher output, cutting tone. It is a chaotically musical fuzz.


  • Wild octave up fuzz loaded with overtones and full of sustain
  • 2 tone settings - foot operated with LED indicator


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