SolidGoldFX Beta High Gain



The Custom Shop Beta High Gain is a hot-rodded version of our Beta bass overdrive platform. Featuring our JFET preamp and symmetrical Silicon/Germanium clipping stage, this variation is tuned for a more modern higher gain drive section with slightly flatter mids and lows, and plenty of spongy, round compression that really encourages you to dig in. In addition to its custom voicing the Beta High Gain also introduces a Mode switch selecting between Preamp and Overdrive modes. In Preamp mode, the gain control is eliminated from the circuit allowing for more headroom. This mode is great for those looking for coloration without the addition of breakup. In the Overdrive mode, the gain control is reconnected and the Beta is ready to rock. If you are looking for a great bass drive with a touch more heat than our standard Beta, you will enjoy the Custom Shop Beta High Gain.

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