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The Agent 13 pedal is the ultimate tone tool for high gain fuzz lovers looking for some seriously twisted and textured fuzz tones. The Agent 13 does it all! From soft to over-the-top, super gated to overload and everything in between! It can even be set to self-oscillate at maximum fuzz settings with the instrument's volume set to zero, allowing the user to vary the pitch and intensity of the oscillation by playing around with the tone switch, fuzz, bias and volume controls. If nasty yet versatile fuzz is what you're after, the Agent 13 will not disappoint!

The Agent 13 is built around the same platform as the Formula 69, but make no mistake, these are two very different beasts! The design goal of the Formula 69 was to deliver a warm and smooth fuzz pedal; the goal of the Agent 13 was to go to the other extreme! The pedal features high gain, hand selected transistors, specially tuned circuitry, and an extended bias range. As a bonus for 2009, we have incorporated the flexibility of a 3-way tone toggle switch delivering biting treble rich fuzz tones from the 60′s to heavy sludge fuzz heaven. The Agent 13 is aggressive without being harsh, delivering tons of saturation! Additional tones and textures can be achieved by simply rolling back on your guitar's volume.

The Agent 13 is a high gain fuzz and may get noisy/oscillate at maximum settings, don't be afraid to be adventurous and experiment!


  • Hand selected, high-gain Si transistors
  • External bias adjustment allowing for a vast range of tonal textures; from heavily gated to smooth saturation to voltage overload!
  • Can be set to self-oscillate
  • Mild to heavily saturated fuzz tones...

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