Sola Sound Tone Bender MkIV (D*A*M reissue) The Red Baron


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Just 10 of these for the World and I'm keeping one !!!

Possibly the most beautiful MKIV ever made - i just don't know any more - all of them are gorgeous looking but sound wise - oooh yes

Here's what David Main , who built it has to say  . . . .

'Find the enemy and shoot him down. Anything else is nonsense.' The collar and cuffs match. Aggressive paint scheme plus aggressive transistor set-up = smells like victory.'Limited edition special feels. Only 10 units available in each color scheme. Sporting a OC75/OC82D/OC75 set-up. The output is high-gain but tight, a little extra fat and muscle power for the ears but not in a flabby or loose kinda way. Epic mid-range projection as with all MKIV's but with a little extra spill over into the lower mids. Excellent dynamics and a more than pleasing spread of gain across the fuzz control. A lean mean fighting machine.
These 20 pedals represent the very last of our MKIV enclosure stock. There will be more but considering the current line-up for other projects, it'll likely be 2018 before they make themselves known.

yes the OC82D mullard green jacket driver transistor - possibly the finest transistor in the World !! The one we used in our elusive Green Bastard MKII - yes it's here alongside to OC75s 

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