Sola Sound Tone Bender MkIII



  • Volume
  • Treble-Bass
  • Fuzz


Colorsound about the reissue

We had a hard time making the prototype for this one - every mid seventies Tonebender we opened had different insides - so we took our ten best sounding ones and slowly whittled away till we had a winner - and thats what we based this on - we've used three silicon transistors just like the mid seventies original, still all hand wired and still totally cool - we're very proud to put our name on it.

Colorsound about the yellow Germanium reissue

The best Tonebender ever?

The sound of this pedal is based on a '72 Tonebender. We have built it on a Supa Tonebender board and used two original 1960s BFY71 silicon transistors to raise the gain plus a 60s NKT214 germanium transistor which provides the classic transparent fuzz tone. So , a whole load of original 60s parts plus we've also used an arrow switch, germanium diode, military grade pots and as usual a whole lotta love to create our best Tonebender ever !

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