Sola Sound Tone Bender MkII (D*A*M reissue) Green Bastard


David Main (D*A*M)

Variations on a theme part II. Is it possible to make yet another Professional MKII and achieve a differing character? Why yes, yes it is. By the powers of the universal master controller Mr. Macari acquired a somewhat jaw dropping stash of rocking horse poop, in the form of the legendary Mullard OC82D, the green jacket wearing boss of all driver devices. No mean feet nor an every day score. I've made no more than a hand full of D*A*M noise makers over the past decade with such transistors inside. A very similar device to the white jacket OC81D's that I used to use but with a little more fire in the belly. Anthony concocted the colour scheme and the collar and cuffs were matched. The green hammerite paint has great depth to it which is pretty hard to capture in a photograph, like wise with the gold screen printed graphics, the metallic nature of this doesn't help much either, neither do the dull white skies of South Yorkshire. Obviously being a non-conventional colour scheme it falls in the same grouping as the El Diablo, you'll either love it or hate it. But it ain't 1966 no more so get with the times you hippies!

The core tones are all built around the trio of green jackets but you also have old timey Iskra capacitors in there to add a little mojo and give a further extension of character. Needless to say, these parts were all carefully tested and selected so they do what it says on the tin. The simplest way of explaining the tonal approach is to think of the Blue Meanie SCB and the Green Bastard as mirror images of each other in regards to their overall flavour. The Meanie is raw and angry, it has that classic gated choppy attack. The approach with Greenie here is to take the fidelity in higher territories. The fuzz tones are smoothed out, the edges are cleaner and less abrasive. It's almost bouncy if that makes sense? Kinda like that soupy thing I used to go on about with driver devices, this is that, as if the the dynamic response is buoyant to some degree. It's the Professional MKII living up-to it's name, maybe more hi-fi in it's delivery, the shirt tucked in and the shoes shined. Still very much a fuzz tone but a lot less 1960's Grange Rock than the SCB and like with the El Diablo, she ultimately looks like she sounds.

There are 50 pieces in total, all pre-built, then that is it, no re-runs no revisits, no second batch. Same deal as always here with these products. I'm just the builder. They are Sola Sound pedals, you have to speak to the Macari's if you are interested in acquiring and/or wish to find out pricing and shipping information. You can contact them here.

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