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The same but different. Some of you folk wanted the MKI.5 with OC75's, so here it is, but, with a lil cheeky variation on the theme.

I wasn't actually keen on doing the MKI.5 with OC75's because it makes for a very erratic and unstable circuit. Any one owning one or anyone who has had the joy of playing an original will notice that the thing flips out with extreme temperature shifts, to the point of not actually passing a usable signal. Original MKI.5's are also very inconstant from one unit to the next, this and the previously mentioned information don't make for a particularity great project if you plan on making something in any kind of number that you then plan to sell.

So compromise. It is the stock OC75 circuit but with two slight mods. The main addition is a pull-down resistor on the base of Q1. What does this do? It correctly biases the circuit for this transistor type. It's not really a cheat as such or anything that will alter the tone any, it is actually a part that is present in the MKII circuit so it is still quite true to its roots, so to speak. The second addition is a pull-down capacitor on the input. Again same as you see on some MKII's. Basically this just shunts back ground noise, it's not a tone shaping part.

Tone wise, it's a MKI.5 with OC75's. Chewy and torn around the edges. Gnarlier and rougher sounding than the OC84 model. Gain levels are good for a two transistor Tone Bender with pretty good clean-up abilities with a nice dynamic range for a fuzz box packing OC75's.

Also, it's copper, or bronze, or brown, or red...the thing is a damn chameleon! Different light different colour...and at no extra charge.

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