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Snouse Electric Company

BlueLine Professional Overdrive

A Vintage Marshall BluesBreaker/JTM45-style Overdrive

The BlueLine Professional Overdrive blows the original BluesBreaker pedal out of the water, with unique features that give you much more tonal flexibility. 100% analog circuitry with 3 clipping diode options to explore - wild, glassy and dynamic Light-Emitting Diodes, silky smooth Silicon diodes, or light, tight and organic new old stock Germanium diodes in an asymmetrical configuration, allowing dynamics to shine through natural compression for a beautifully complex color.

Shape your tone before, after, and at the clipping circuit. Keep it bright to summon Clapton, heat things up with Fat Drive mode & add a subtle smudge of low end by turning back the Pre-Roll to channel Jimi, or use Clean Boost mode and kick up the Presence to call up Stevie and push your amp to do the dirty work. Or, set the Pre-Roll to to 10 and the BlueLine becomes a component-for-component BluesBreaker clone - Yes, the original circuit is inside. You won't find another overdrive this beautiful or versatile, anywhere. Each BlueLine takes over 12 hours to complete, is individually numbered, signed, and is guaranteed to stand the rigors of a life with the blues with a 2-year warranty.


  • The BlueLine Professional Overdrive features:
  • 100% Analog Circuitry
  • Three switchable gain modes: Normal Overdrive, Fat Drive (a slightly bigger, higher-gain overdrive that breaks up sooner) and Clean Boost mode
  • Three switchable discrete clipping stages: LED, Silicon, and Asymmetrical Germanium
  • Bright/Smooth clipping switch to shape the texture of your clipping
  • Enhanced low end for a more transparent tone
  • Enhanced tone circuit with Tone and Presence knobs
  • Footswitchable lead boost with dedicated volume preset
  • "Pre-Roll" knob
  • JFET makeup gain section for miles of headroom and extra tube warmth
  • True-bypass
  • High-quality, audio-grade components, including Xicon metal-film resistors, Alpha pots, NOS germanium diodes and Panasonic ECQ poly-film capacitors
  • Enhanced power filter section to eliminate DC noise
  • Diecast aluminum enclosure
  • Meticulously hand-lain decals
  • Powered by standard Boss-style 2.1mm 9V DC regulated power adapter or a 9V battery
  • Battery disconnection when cable is removed from input jack to save power
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • No-Risk Return Policy - Try it! If you don't like it, we'll send you a pre-paid label to return the clean and undamaged BlueLine in original packaging for a full refund (in the domestic US)

The Pre-Roll Knob

The innovative Pre-Roll knob allows you to adjust the tone of the guitar before it gets to the clipping stage.

Normally, an effect's Tone knob affects the circuit after the clipping stage. So while you roll off the higher frequencies on your pedal with the Tone knob, you take some of the sweetness of the clipping itself with it. Since a good overdrive pedal is meant to emulate the sound of a high-quality tube amp at its breaking point, this method of shaping the post-clipping tone, although very functional in its own right, attenuates the tone in an "unnatural" way that does not very well simulate the gain staging of a real amp - you don't EQ what comes out of your speakers, you EQ what goes into your power amp.

The Pre-Roll knob allows you to shape your tone before sending your signal to the clipping stage, preserving more of the harmonics and tone of the clipping itself. Turning this knob counter-clockwise will very gradually begin to roll off your high end and increase your low- and mid-frequencies, giving you a warmer, punchier sound, while allowing the harmonic character of the clipping itself to shine through. As it gets further down, it introduces what may be described as a "half-bucker"-type tone from single coils - a very unique sound, which you can hear in the sound clips below.

Shape Your Tone in Three Places

Control your tone before, after, and at the clipping stage.

The tone sections are remarkably interactive, allowing you to mix a vast array of colors.  It's not just black and white anymore.

The Bright/Smooth switch mainly affects the clipping itself. Use it to round out the peaks of the clipping, and make your overdrive a little smoother.  

The Tone and Presence knobs affect the signal post-clipping. Use them to adjust the tone of both your guitar signal AND the clipping. 

Altogether, this gives you control of your tone in all three places: before the clipping stage with the Pre-Roll; at the clipping stage with the Bright/Smooth switch; and after the clipping stage with the Tone and Presence knobs, giving you the most detailed and personal control of your overdrive tone.  The unique and interactive tone circuitry works together with the switchable discrete clipping stages (LED, Silicon, and Asymmetrical Germanium modes) and the tone knob on your guitar to give you a range of tones so wide, hardly any two BlueLines need sound alike.  The BlueLine was designed to help give you a musical fingerprint, and help you get closer to what you hear in your head - your signature tone.

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