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(inspired by beautiful malfunctions)

In the age of digital recording people often reminisce about the golden days of analog tape. About the warmth of those giant tape reels spinning. And a lot of people spend a lot of money trying to re-create those classic tape like qualities in a piece of hardware.

Well Dan Snazelle of Snazzy FX missed something else about tape.The sound that would come out of the stereo on those days when the tape would get stuck in the machine and die a slow death Or trying to play a favorite album on an old boombox that had so much warble it was hard to tell what song you were listening to. And he decided to design a box that, when pushed to its limits, would sound like the tape was spinning out of control. But Dan also wanted to make sure the box could take that sound and make it more playable, and at times more subtle.

And what Snazzy FX has come up with can bring you into this warbly world and far, far, beyond.

Now you might be thinking, what am i going to do with a busted tape machine?

Well thats where things get interesting. Because this box can be used in many many ways. Depending on how hard you hit the threshold and Warp controls, you can dial the malfunction back to where it creates subtle vibrato, or with a shorter delays you can achieve pleasing chorus or pseudo flange-like effects. Turn the Warp up a bit more and you can get far-out pitch shifting, rubber band delays, and plastic portamentos. Turn the WARP up to max and what you hear is just plain insanity.

This is an incredibly versatile box. And it is certain to add a texture to your playing or your production that is extremely unique. Put stems or mixes through it to add an out of this world quality. Thicken up synth parts in an instant or use it on vocals to add mystery. Or use it with your guitar and be amazed at how many different colors you can achieve with one box.

And like all Snazzy FX products, it features TRUE BYPASS And a SERIOUSLY HEAVY DUTY BOX with Snazzy Graphics that will not only stand the test of time, It will turn heads wherever you take it.


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