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If you are looking for one piece of hardware to add to your creative setup, whether you are a DJ, producer, sound designer, or play bass, keys, or guitar in a band, this is the box.

Designed with one goal in mind, to make a box which could provide a whole range of textures, from dynamic filter effects, to filtered tremolo, to aggressive filter sweeps, subtle coloration, all the way on through to completely bizarre tones which have little to do with the incoming signal, this box is made to suit YOUR musical personality.

With a true analog multi-mode resonant filter, powered by SYNTH level power rails, (all from a 9v adapter) this box is perfect for tweaking drum loops or live drums, synths, bass, field recordings, guitar and bass, or anything else you feel like putting through it.

With the ability to handle LINE or guitar levels, enough gain to drive the signal into smooth overdrive, and plenty of features, this is a box that will provide unlimited hours of sound shaping potential.

With control of cutoff, resonance, Linear OR Exponential modulation (and don't worry if you don't know what that means, this is a box you can sit down in front of and get great sounds with,even if you have never used an analog synth before), TWO (yes two) modulation sources, an envelope follower with up AND down modes, AND, TWO EXTERNAL CV OR AUDIO (FM) INPUTS, each with their own DEPTH and EXPO/LIN switches.

What all of this means is that there is very little that the Tracer City cant do.

You can plug in a drumloop, set the filter, start turning up the modulation, and if you really want to have some fun, you can plug in TWO MORE sources!

One could be a CV source from your modular or analog synth, and one could be another drum loop or guitar part.

The CV source will modulate the signal just like the built in modulation sources, and the external audio will cause Frequency Modulation of the signal.

What this all adds up to is beautiful or weird or wild or truly unique sounds.

And like all Snazzy FX products, it features TRUE BYPASS And a SERIOUSLY HEAVY DUTY BOX with Snazzy Graphics that will not only stand the test of time, It will turn heads wherever you take it.

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