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Don't let the name fool you. There is nothing tiny about the sound of this box.

The little brother to THE AUDIO ARK, MINI-ARK is really in a class of its own in the world of guitar synths and tracking boxes.

With the capability to take your guitar input, track it, add an octave of your choosing below or above, an interval of your choosing above (or below) AND The capability to mix the two in any combination with the ORIGINAL signal OR a DIRTY version of the signal, you can create chords, or thickened notes in thousands of combinations, all by changing the mix knobs and the position of the Interval and Octave selectors.

But thats just the beginning. Because in addition to the Octave and Interval sections, there is also an INFINITE HOLD section which allows you to stomp on a second switch and let the note go on and on and on and on.

While the sound is droning, there is an ADDITIONAL octave down effect that you can play on top of the continuous sound. Think of it this way, you could be playing a lead, the lead could be mimicked a 3rd above, and 3 octaves below, and get mixed with a distorted version of guitar. Then, you could step on the infinite switch, and start playing the distorted guitar AND an octave below ON TOP OF the holding 3rd above and 2 octaves below. Its really something you have to see in action.

There is also a GATE/SUSTAIN switch. This allows you to have notes blend continuously into each other as you play OR gives you the ability to create very artificial staccato effects.

BUT WAIT….That is only half of the action.

There is also the MAGIC SELECTOR. This Rotary switch allows you to switch from 8 different presets which come with the MINI-ARK. Preset one is the normal mode, where your guitar creates an interval and an octave. BUT choose any of the other seven modes and the operation of the box is sent into alien territory.

Swells, Crazy Vibrato, SUPER FUZZ, or even crazy clavinet like sounds fly out of the machine.

And lets not forget the rich array of CV OUTPUTS.

You get a CV Out which is useful for controlling an external device (you can actually plug this into the SNAZZY FX TRACER CITY if you want), A gate out, for controlling an external synth, sequencer, or MODULAR SYNTHESIZER, AND the special SQUARE OUT (see the manual for amazing things this output can do).

And like all Snazzy FX products, it features TRUE BYPASS And a SERIOUSLY HEAVY DUTY BOX with Snazzy Graphics that will not only stand the test of time, It will turn heads wherever you take it.

Really the features are just too numerous to describe in any real detail, so why not contact SNAZZY FX and arrange to hear one today!!

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