Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-O Wah


Snarling Dogs

Finally a wah that gives you a choice of 12 different wahs. Take your pick of our three basic wah sounds, WHITE ROOM (thick and Creamy), VOODOO (Midrange growl) or SHAFT (sharp and funky). Add our TWINDUCTOR BEEF BOOST to shift the frequency ranges on those three sounds to give you three entirely different wahs. Next use our HORMONE CONTROL to play the six sounds in the TESTOSTERONE (hi power) or ESTROGEN (low power) modes. That's six sounds in each mode giving you a total of 12 different wah sounds in one wah pedal. Adjust the volume of the wah with the pre-amp volume control or even add a bit of overdrive.

The wah can also be used as a tone filter to find that “sweet spot” everybody loves. A TRUE BYPASS allows your guitar or instrument to maintain its original tone without coloring the sound. As if that wasn't enough, when you play the pedal, you will see that it's not just the sound but the feel that sucks you in. If you can't find the wah sound you like in this pedal... you don't want a wah.

  • 3-way mode switch: White Room, Voo Doo, Shaft
  • Preamp volume control
  • Plus the HORMONE CONTROL to switch between our standard aggressive wah sound, or more conventional cleaner one
  • True Mechanical Hard Bypass Switch
  • You also get the TWINDUCTOR BEEF BOOST, our patent-applied-for feature using twin inducers, similar to switching from single coil pickup to a humbucker.
  • COLOR: Fire Hydrant Red

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