Snarling Dogs SDP-1 Tweed E. Dog



  • Attack Control (Snarl/Bite)
  • Vol/Gain
  • O.D./Dist.
  • Tone


Snarling Dogs

Whether you have a modern British or US high gain amp setup, or just yearn for those vintage tweed and black panel tones, the Tweed E. Dog is for you. Expand your channel switching options with this 6L6 vacuum tube overdrive emulator. This box faithfully reproduces that “cranked up” sweet overdriven warmth of those popular tube amps made in the US during the 1950s and 60s. Crisp highs, deep bottoms, over the top sustain, and unparalleled dynamic response ... the ultimate in tone machines!


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1 review, average score of 9 / 10

2015-05-20version with 2 knobs only (no tone)9/10  preamp like, very dynamic clean tones, heavy crunch, great with Strat or LP, tons of gain, authentic tweed amps sounds, nice design.volume can really be high, a bit oversized. not very versatile

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