Snarling Dogs Mold Spore Wah - Psycho-Scumatic Wah


  • WAH Selector
    • White Room: Rich, bassy,“Creamy” wah tone.
    • Voo Doo: Midrangy, crunchy wah tone.
    • Shaft: Classic “Waka - Chu - Waka - Chu - Waka” wah sound. Bright, funky tone.
  • Wah Volume
    allows adjustment to output volume of wah pedal.
  • Hi/Lo Tone Contour
    Overall tone contour for Mold Spore effect. Quickly sets Hi EQ or Low EQ on the Mold Spore Effect.
  • Mold Spore Switch (On/Off)
    turns on the Mold Spore Ring Modulator
  • Psychoscumation Control (Insanity Control)
    selects how much Mold (Ring - Modulation) is applied to your sound. It is a good idea to start with this knob at its minimum setting. (Maximum setting on this control may cause Brain Damage).
  • Straight Jacket Volume
    allows you to adjust how much Mold effect is blended with your Guitar/WAH sound.
  • Freakwincy Sweep Control
    Allows manual adjustment of the Mold Sweep Range. If you have a favorite Mold Spore Sweep Range you like, just set this control and leave it in the position. The Freak Sweep Switch must be out for this knob to be ACTIVE.
  • Freak Sweep Switch
    allows the above mentioned, “Freakwincy Sweep Control,” to be activated by the Foot Pedal itself. NOTE: This switch de-activates the Freakwincy Sweep Control Knob.


Snarling Dogs

Blast off to the Cosmos or come in for a landing with our award winning MOLD SPORE. This pedal starts off with our three basic wah sounds, WHITE ROOM (thick and creamy), VOODOO (midrange growl), and SHAFT (sharp and funky). It also has an adjustable wah pre-amp and can be used as a conventional wah. STEP ON THE MOLD SPORE SWITCH IF YOU DARE! Enter a new dimension as it activates a sort of ring modulator that can be used alone or in conjunction with the wah. The internal freakwincy tone can be set with a chickenhead knob on the side of the pedal, or changed by the foot pedal. Used in this fashion with the wah turned on, you have a filter freak out. Adjust the balance of the modulated and normal signals. Play a chord with a dissonant sound and then bring it into blissful tune with the foot pedal. Create robot voices, spaceships taking off or landing, tribal drums, cracks in the universe and Godzilla alarms. If you want weird ... you want a MOLD SPORE.

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