Snarling Dogs SDP-4 Blue Doo



  • Attack Control (Snarl/Bite)
  • Vol/Gain
  • O.D./Dist.


Snarling Dogs

Unemployed in Memphis. Down and out in Chicago. Something a little raunchy down in Texas.... The Snarling Dogs BLUE DOO pedal was born to serve the blues. A bluesy 6V6 tube sound, juicy, wailing, screams with full-throttled intensity at all dynamic levels.

We call it a tube distortion emulator because there are no actual tubes used in this amazing Overdrive/Distortion pedal. The secret to its fat, lush, creamy sound is that it is designed to emulate the sound of POWER TUBES being driven to the max in a high plate voltage amp. A passive tone control allows for smooth transition between deep blues tones, heavy metal, vintage to trashy garage band sounds. With true bypass, your guitar maintains its original tone without coloring the sound. This is an unbelievable Overdrive pedal. You have to play it to hear and feel the difference. Do what the bluest do - BLUE DOO.

  • 6V6 Tube-Emulator
  • Fat, Raunchy Blues sound
  • True Mechanical Hard Bypass Switch

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