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Searching for original, yet versatile sound? Have a penchant for fuzz effects? Want modern functionality and boutique quality? Look no further, the Fuzz Drive from Smoder Audio is here!

Designed as a versatile signal clipper utilizing transistor feedback loops, the Fuzz Drive has a major leaning towards vintage fuzz and distortion tones. The Fuzz Drive has all the power and grit necessary for anything from folk rock to metal (especially old school metal). The Fuzz Drive could effectively be used as a pick dynamic overdrive, a warm vintage fuzz, an all out mean fuzz, or anything else your imagination and creativity can come up with! And it works exceptionally well on Bass also!


  • Gain: From gritty drive to thick fuzzy sweetness.
  • Volume: Soft, loud, or louder.
  • Tone: Plenty of room for finding that perfect balance between heavy bass and smooth treble.
  • Mode: Affects the character of the distortion. In general, the up position (towards the gain control) has a brighter and more aggressive fuzz tone, the center position has a fatter overdriven sound, and the down position is a subtle mix of the two. More specifically, the up position utilizes silicon diodes while the center position uses germanium diodes and bypasses one of the diode clipping stages to produce softer clipping with greater picking dynamics and volume. The down position utilizes asymetrical clipping, adding a subtle bite to the center position sound. Higher clipping also means lower volume, making the center position the loudest.


  • Analog circuit utilizing high quality, hand selected parts.
  • True bypass switching to avoid tone suck.
  • Runs on a 9V battery (supplied) or a 9V DC wall transformer (2.1mm, center negative, not included).
  • Low current draw for maximum battery life.
  • Custom designed printed circuit board.
  • Custom silkscreened graphics.

Each pedal is built by hand and thoroughly tested by Steven Oder, an experienced and educated musician, audio engineer, and electronics engineer. Pedals are built individually and may vary slightly from pictures.

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