Smitty Pedals T-Boost



Smitty Pedals about the PNP OC71 version

This Treble booster uses the same circuit as the original Dallas Rangemaster.

I added drop down resistors to prevent popping when switching the effect on and off.

Now with a 3-way capacitor switch to choose between classic treble boost (center position), midrange boost (switch down) or full range boost (switch up) for more flexability so it will work with all your guitars and different styles of music.

The pedal is wired Positive Ground like the original Dallas Rangemaster and uses battery power only. Like the original there is no LED which also increases battery life. This type of pedal has a low current draw so a battery will last a very long time. Do not use with any other type of power supply. It may damage the pedal.

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