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Smitty Pedals SUPPA BENDER which is a clone of the super rare VOX SUPPA TONE BENDER fuzz pedal. The original pedal is so rare that I have not been able to find a picture of the real thing. I have been able to find much discussion about it on the internet but there are rumors that it never even really existed. Who knows. There are quite a few schematics for the VSTB posted on the internet so I decided to build one.

The Smitty Pedals SUPPA BENDER is a four transistor NPN silicon fuzz similar to the Big Muff or Colorsound Supa Tonebender, with a different form of distortion clipping.

Powered by four BC546B transistors.

I built the pedal from scratch including drilling the holes, painting the enclosure, researching and constructing the circuit board, and all final assembly and testing. Lettering hand painted by Kimberly Smith.

This is a great pedal and lots of fun to play. One of my favorites.


  • FUZZ - Sets the gain amount.
  • TONE - The tone control is more than that. What it does is blend in a second set of diodes so not only does it adjust tone but adds distortion clipping and is very interactive with the fuzz control. At higher tone and fuzz settings you get an octave fuzz sound.
  • VOLUME - Sets the effect level in relation to the bypassed signal.

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