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This is the Smitty Pedals clone of the Sola Sound Tone Bender MKI. Powered by 1 NOS black glass OC75 transistor and 2 rare NOS Texas Instrument 2G381 transistors.

  • The left knob is level and the right knob is attack:
    • Attack: Adjusts the bias of the second transistor which basically effects gate and note decay.
    • Level: Adjusts the overall volume of the pedal. It is plenty loud.
  • True Bypass
  • Powder coated in a beautiful Antique Gold Vein color.

Smitty Pedals about the new version

In the new versions of this pedal I used OC75 and AC125 transistors.

Controls for Level and Attack

  • LEVEL - Adjusts overall effect level
  • ATTACK - Adjusts bias of the second transistor. Really should be called Decay. It actually adjusts how the notes decay. At some settings it will just sustain into musical feedback and with others the notes gate with that sizzle characteristic of the MKI.  Just find the sweet spot you like and leave it there.

Adjust the amount of fuzz with your guitar's volume knob. This is where all the MKI magic happens. From thick and sustained fuzz with the volume all the way up, especially with humbuckers, to crunchy articulate chords with the volume rolled back.

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